R290 heat pump, future proof

A-THERM80 Dethermina - Warm. Future proof.
A-THERM80 Dethermina - Warm. Future proof.

Why choose a high temperature heat pump?

We have to solve a problem: bring domestic hot water and heating water into buildings, without using combustion to produce heat, without replacing existing water piping and without intervening on the buildings.

We need new technologies to produce hot water at 80°C without using hybrid solutions that are expensive, difficult to maintain and which force us to rely on methane gas or other fossil fuels to guarantee comfort and performance.

A-THERM80 is the answer. Our reversible and compact heat pump, with high efficiency R290 natural gas which can produce hot water up to 80°C, maximizing seasonal efficiency and guaranteeing stability to thermodynamic regulation in all load conditions, even with external temperatures up to at -20°C.

Heating with A-THERM80 high temperature heat pump

01. Sustainable

The working fluid is R290, a non-toxic flammable hydrocarbon (ASHREE class A3), which enables for high performance, guaranteeing high efficiency values ​​but with a very low environmental impact; in fact, it has a GWP (Global Warming Potential) value of 3 and a zero ODP (Ozone Depletion Potential) value.

02. Efficient

High efficiency compressor, designed to work with R290 with LSPM engine.
Axial fan with permanent magnet motor.
Generously sized finned coil. Integrated heat recovery.
Thanks to the variable mapping of the control, the operation of the unit adapts to the needs of the user (ECO or BOOST mode).

03. Reliable

The modular logic guarantees high reliability of the entire system, thanks to the possibility of excluding one or more units, both for ordinary/extraordinary maintenance interventions and for any other customer needs, without interruptions in the functioning of the entire system.

The structure is made of galvanized steel, painted with RAL 7035 polyester powder and assembled with structural steel rivets, and is shaped in such a way as to allow easy access to the technical compartment. The panels, equipped with ¼ turn locks, are easily removable for quick access to the technical compartment to allow maintenance operations. To facilitate disassembly of the compressor, the refrigeration circuit is equipped with appropriate flanges.

04. Flexible

The system, made up of modular units, allows for high installation flexibility: the units can be placed side by side or arranged according to the available spaces.

Incremental logic: the modular configuration guarantees the possibility of adding units at any time to increase the overall power of the system in case of future expansion needs.

By appropriately configuring the hydraulic circuit (Customer side), the modular logic allows the contemporary needs to be divided into heating, cooling and domestic hot water on the system modules and greater precision in the delivery of power to partial loads.

05. Silent

The axial fan is directly coupled to the permanent magnet EC electric motor with IP54 protection degree according to IEC 60529.

Equipped with an integrated electronic controller to modulate the speed, it guarantees maximum levels of energy efficiency and low noise.

To isolate vibrations, each compressor is installed on rubber shock absorbers and is equipped with anti-vibration pipes.

06. Easy

The system units are connected via LAN, with the possibility of remote control, via touch-screen display and connection to external BMS management systems.

07. Compatible

Thanks to the use of specific components (HT compressor, copper pipes and fittings with increased thickness, electronic expansion valves operating with high pressure jumps) the unit can produce hot water up to a maximum temperature of 80°C. This feature enables traditional heat generators to be replaced with heat pump technology without replacing the system terminals.

The reduced refrigerant charge allows the unit to be installed regardless of the needs and extension of the system, respecting the EN378 standard (which provides charge limits based on the classification of access to air-conditioned rooms).

08. Ineguagliabile

The A-THERM80 heat pump is able to maintain its thermodynamic performance constant even in difficult conditions, heating environments with external temperatures down to -20°C and cooling environments in very hot conditions, above 35°C.

A-THERM80 Dethermina - Warm. Future proof.

Safety first

The compressor contained in the technical compartment is certified according to the ATEX 94/9/EC directive.

The technical compartment which contains the compressor and all the components of the refrigeration circuit, with the exception of the finned coils, is hermetically insulated.

The cooling circuit is made of K65 copper alloy pipes suitable to withstand high operating temperatures and pressures (40 bar), to guarantee the production of high enthalpy hot water (80°C). All components of the refrigeration circuit comply with the CEI EN60335-2-40 standard (clauses 22.116 and 22.117).

Inside the technical compartment there is an ATEX sensor which, in the event of any refrigerant leaks, activates the safety systems (with independent power supply) when the threshold of 10% of the LFL (Low Flamable Level) is exceeded.

An ATEX fan guarantees emergency ventilation inside the technical compartment in the event of a leak of R290 (IP54 – IEC60529) and avoids the accumulation of high concentrations of refrigerant.

Each circuit is equipped with a 4-way cycle reversal valve, ATEX pressure transducers, ATEX high and low pressure switches, filter drier, humidity indicator, liquid receiver, liquid separator, electronic expansion valve, solenoid valves with ATEX coil.

All the electrical controls are housed in the electrical panel, built in compliance with the EN 60204-1 standard
components of the control and protection system. The electrical panel has a watertight structure with IP54 protection rating in accordance with the EN560529 standard and is equipped with ATEX certified cable glands.
Furthermore, all the power and control devices are installed inside the panel, the microprocessor electronic board, the main disconnect switch with door lock, the isolation transformer, the automatic switches, the fuses and contactors, the interface terminals . The electrical panel is not a possible source of ignition as the cable passages from the electrical panel to the compressor compartment pass through a double barrier.

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