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High temperature R290 heat pumps: more efficiency, more heat, more sustainability.

We are Dethermina

A new way of generating heat, eliminating emissions


Dethermina wants to lead the future of heating, committing itself to making the energy transition fast, easy, safe and accessible to all.

To achieve this ambitious goal we introduce clean energy heating solutions in homes and businesses, exploiting technologies and experiences and combining them to create innovative, ecological and safe solutions capable of eliminating direct CO2 emissions and reducing indirect emissions to a minimum.

Thanks to the know-how of our partner companies we have redesigned the heat pumps, designing cutting-edge systems that use high-efficiency R290 propane gas to heat water up to 80°C for heating and sanitary use.

The result? More heat, less emissions.
Dethermina - Warm. Future proof.

Dethermina decarbonization

The decarbonisation of heating and independence from methane gas are our point of arrival. We are driven by the desire to change the future and make the most cutting-edge technological solutions available today, moving thermal energy and using as little electricity as possible.



Solution with minimal environmental impact, in line with the decarbonisation objectives of the European Green Deal.



Compatibility with any type of existing system, without the need for expensive renovations and maintenance.



Innovation that allows independence from gas and flexibility to adapt to growing energy needs.



The system offers superior performance compared to other solutions allowing a perfect balance between efficiency and sustainability.

Let's rewrite the rules, let's make the future more sustainable

Dethermina - Warm. Future proof.
Dethermina - Warm. Future proof.



A-THERM80 is the reversible and modular heat pump with high efficiency R290 natural gas to produce hot water up to 80°C.

An innovative, eco-friendly and highly efficient heating solution that aims to change the way people think about electric heating, reducing costs and improving comfort.

R290 heat pump

Energy efficiency in heating

At Dethermina we are convinced that R290 propane gas is the solution to significantly reduce heating emissions and increase efficiency, without reducing the living comfort of living spaces.

A greener future is possible, thanks to Dethermina technology with R290 refrigerant it is possible to accelerate our transition towards a more sustainable and safe heating system, without replacing the existing plumbing system and terminals.

Pompa di calore R290 - Dethermina - Warm. Future proof.