The future of heating starts today.

Born with a dream: decarbonizing heating

We are Dehtermina. We lead the transition to green energy with heat pump electric heating solutions replacing fossil combustion.

We are the solution to an increasingly emerging demand in the market: decarbonising heating with natural refrigerants, using heat pumps for the production of medium/high temperature hot water and thus fulfilling the community objective of the Green Deal: achieving energy neutrality by 2050 with reduction objectives CO2 emissions for 2030.

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We want to make the energy transition in heating fast, easy, safe and accessible

Dethermina - Warm. Future proof.

We are pioneers, but with solid foundations

A careful analysis of the market, trends, current and future needs and the choice of R290 propane to overcome heating by combustion and overcome the limits of traditional heat pumps, achieving the objectives of the European Green Deal were the foundations on which Dethermina was developed.

A new, ambitious reality, created by the many years of experience in the HVAC&R sector of those who have always believed in sustainable technological progress at the service of society. From their experience and from a simple yet revolutionary idea, Dethermina was born. Future-proof heating.

We are Dethermina

Your partner for effective, efficient and sustainable heating.

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Being gas independent is possible for everyone

The decision to found a company that creates heat pumps with natural refrigerant to produce water at medium (45°C) or high temperatures (up to 80°C) is our way of contributing to a more sustainable future, making it feasible for everyone the transition to electric heating, becoming independent from natural gas both for the production of domestic hot water and for space heating.

Not just solutions suitable for new buildings but a high temperature heat pump capable of supporting the needs of older, multi-storey buildings with high ceilings and radiator heating. A new perspective to bring the energy transition to all those realities, such as the Italian one, whose real estate assets are difficult to convert to energy efficiency using standard solutions.

Our high-efficiency, low-emission heating solution is based on four principles:



Dethermina’s objective is to create heating systems with minimal environmental impact, in line with the decarbonisation objectives of the European Green Deal.



Bringing the energy transition for everyone means adapting to any type of existing system, without difficult and expensive renovations and maintenance.



Being gas independent and minimizing energy consumption is one of the cornerstones of our vision. This is why we and our solutions are constantly evolving, so as to anticipate responses to new energy needs.



Combining efficiency and sustainability means using each solution to its maximum potential, integrating it with renewable energy sources and offering unique performance and comfort.


Dethermina approved by MCE Excellence Awards 2024

The revolutionary A-THERM80 high temperature R290 heat pump was evaluated and approved by the MCE technical jury, chaired by the Polytechnic of Milan.

Il futuro del riscaldamento inizia oggi - Dethermina - Warm. Future proof.
Il futuro del riscaldamento inizia oggi - Dethermina - Warm. Future proof.